Audrey Stamps

The Potter

At the foothills of  Appalachia lies a closet studio space owned by Audrey Stamps.

Audrey was born and raised in Georgia by an extremely creative family where her love and appreciation for the arts began. After she flew the nest, she attended Georgia Southern University gaining her BFA in Graphic Design and where she ultimately discovered her love for pottery.

Audball Pottery will take you back to the wild. Back to the more primal part of yourselves. All  pottery is inspired by the Appalachian mountains where it was birthed. Each piece boasts some form of raw clay locally sourced and made in Georiga. Audrey values the form and beauty of raw fired clay, and incorporates this in all her pieces. She finishes off each piece by hand carving it and applying minimal colorful glaze on her pieces to make them pop.

The Pots' Process
  • wedge
  • throw
  • let dry a bit
  • trim
  • attach handle/carve
  • let it get bone dry
  • bisque
  • hand paint on the glaze
  • fire again
  • yay! it’s done!